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About Sonam

Reading books is my only passion since childhood. As a child I read adult books and when girls of my age started reading adult romantic book, I was enjoying reading comics. My mind became flexible and could find some enjoyment in all printed words. There were views I did not agree and there were circumstances which were beyond my imagination. Slowly when I had devoured a large number of books may be in thousand, I could say every view is correct in a set of circumstances. There was nothing I could condemn or reject, even if whole society thought it so.

Some people thought I was moody, cynic, and whimsical while others thought I was geek, nerd or dork, but everybody indisputably agreed that I was beautiful, cute and charming. My unexpected reactions could shock to strangers, but my friends knows me so well, that nothing that I do ever shock them.

I have taken up my long awaited dream to write a blog to put in my two cents worth, about the Great books of all time and some contemporary books.



That’s what I think about myself. I am nothing more than a shadow. As a child I was shadow of my parent’s imagination, when I grew up I found boys are chasing me for my beauty, and not for what I am actually. They are chasing mirage of a shadow that is me. It made me hollow. I made this blog in the honor of my mentor who is my “friend, guide and philosopher”, but he inspired me to keep it open for all authors and provide them a plateform to promote their book.
So, all authors and readers are requested to contribute. For publishing review/interview or other promotional activities feel free to contact me at


One thought on “About Sonam

  1. swapan007 on said:

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your reviews of Vipin Behari Goyal’s books. They enlightened me on aspects of the author I was not aware of. Many thanks.

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